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HYW(Duncan2): The Amiens Incident

Barely few months after the Truce of Esplechin was signed, the fief Amiens, capital of Picardie, in northern France was besieged by Thierry III de Grand Pre, Count of Grand Pre and Marshal of France.

I. King David II Bruce of Scotland to Pope Benedict XII.

Holy Father,

The peace Terms have been broken that were set fourth by all of Chirstians. The Lord de Grandpre (252) did Siege Amiens in the First season of the Crusade and did storm the fief much to my suprise. I was under the impression there was a peace accord struck for the Crusade. Please advise me in this matter.

Your Child in Faith,
David of Scotland

II. King Philippe VI Valois of France to King David.

King David of Scotland; Also Known as the Bruce:

I must apologize for Lord de Grand Pre's rash actions. I had not seen your signature to the Truce signed by the King of England, the Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire, and myself. I had hoped to see your seal upon the action but none had come and I know that you have said in the past that you were your own kingdom and, as such, treaties made by England did not apply to your person. I believe that you spoke of such an instance in the case of captive treaties. I dare say, sire, that you specifically said that you were no vassal of England's and a separate kingdom of your own - thus, treaties needed to be drawn with your person and not just England.

Have you decided to abide by this treaty afterall?

If that was your intent, then I will have it hereby known that King David the Bruce of Scotland shall abide by England's truces and treaties as England's vassals abide. No harm shall come to his person, possessions, nor armies during the duration of this treaty.

Amiens shall be returned, the Bruce and his retainers shall be freed, and a fine shall be levied upon the rash actions of the Marechal for acting upon this most Christian vassal of England.

Philippe VI
Roi de France

III. King Edward III Plantagenet of England to King Philippe.


"I must apologize for Lord de Grand Pre's rash actions. I had not seen your signature to the Truce signed by the King of England, the Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire, and myself."

Is not your word as strong as the paper you wrote it on? I have reread your "edict" several times and while it does specify that it must be a Christian lord, no where did you specify that they had to sign the treaty, does that mean Arles, or Mallorca, Navarre, Brittany, are all fair game for your Lords?

The Bruce is a rightful anointed King of Scotland, and while we do work together he is no Vassal of mine, other than the Lands he owns within my Kingdom.

Please, I beg of you, show where Lords must sign our treaty in order for our protection? Though I too had hoped that the other Kingdoms would have publicly joined with us, I felt the weight of the Papal request was for all of Christianity, not the select few.

King Edward III

IV. King Philippe to King Edward.

Dear Cousin,

Indeed, I would have thought the treaty we had signed in regards to captives would also be regarded as one in best interests of all Lords of Europe. It was deemed not so by the King of Scotland initially, and only after the realization that his retainer's services might be delayed while a separate treaty was developed did he agree to using it. I believe his words to me were that treaties agreed to by England were not necessarily agreed to by Scotland. As such, in this instance, the King of Scotland has made no promise to abide by this treaty nor to attend the Crusade. In addition, he seemed intent upon pillaging my fiefs last season - including Paris - so perhaps that has confused my Lords further.

Lord de Grand Pre, as a member of my cabinet, was privy to the captives treaty information and I believe mistook that as applying to all treaties between France and England. As I'm sure you have read in my previous missive, I have called for the release of the Bruce and the return of Amiens as well as compensation as a result of this. I merely clarified why the Lord de Grand Pre might find himself confused.

Since I had made public my intent to attend the Crusade and pledged financial support to my Lords in maintaining their armies, I find myself rather distant from the happenings of Amiens. As such, I will attend to those matters if they are not rectified once I have returned from crusading.

May this missive find you well.

Philippe VI
Roi de France

V. King David to King Philippe.

Roi Philippe,

You our Correct Scotland is its own Entity and shall remian that way. I took it at the word that there would be peace between all Kingdoms in the spirit of the Crusades. I thank you for your offer in rectfying the matter. Know that Scotland will Rember this kind act in the Future.

King David

VI. Lord Marshal to King Philippe.


It is painful for me to know that I fell from favor with Your Grace simply for performing my duty as Your Grace's Marechal. I'm charged with disobedience, but Sire, I am a soldier and not a lawyer, and thus, it is not easy for me to make interpretations of legal documents. The truce that I am charged with violating I believed applied only to those who took the cross, not to those who came with a sword to fight fellows Christians in France. King Bailiol or Bruce or whatever his name is and whoever vassal he might be, had no intentions of taking cross. Thus I saw it be my duty to punish him for his perfidy and mischief. Once he surrendered to me he became my captive and however much I ever remain a loyal vassal to Your Grace, it is my privilege to dispose of my captives and spoils of war as I deem pleased. These are the ancient rules of war that apply to gentle men of good lineage.

Your Grace's humble servant
Comte de Grand Pre
Marechal du Nord


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