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HYW(Duncan2): Crusade Against the Prussians

Below are the appeal for help from the Primate of Poland to combat the pagan Prussians, the truce between England and France in light of the crusade, and the bull for crusade issued by Pope Benedict XII.

I. Crusade!

Oh Christian lords and warriors of Christ, I Ladislas, Archbishop of Gnessen, Primate of Poland doi urge you to come to Poland and combat the pagan Pruss, who remain here in Baltic Europe. Let us unite to crush the Prussians and bring the one true church to all men.

Oh, Bennedict, I call upon your blessing for this venture, transforming our mission into a true crusade. Let bring aid to the Archbishopric of Riga, lead by the excellent Johannes III Ambundi. Let the truth of the Gospel ring in all the sandy shores of Prussia.


II. Truce discussed at Esplechin.

At Esplechin do His excellency, Archbishop Guillaume de Brosse and Senechal de la Maison du Roi Gaston II Carcassonne de Foix, and Lord High Steward the Baron Brampton, Robert Cliffton, and Jean, comte de Bullion meet for meetings of truce.

His Holiness has contrived this meeting and expects the cooperation of your royal selves for purpose of a sacred duty within crusade. Let us have truce throughout the four seasons if 1342 in the year of our Lord, putting aside all warfare.

Let us hear the agreement of your royal soverigens.

Recorded at Esplechin by a scribe of Archbishop Guillaume

III. Bull for Crusade, issued October 9 upon the feast of Saint Denis.

We hereby declare the cause against the pagan Prussians to be a Crusade, and so entitled to all of the grace which participation grants.

•Participants of a crusade are granted an indulgence against all sins committed in their lives so far.
•Participants of a crusade are considered to be members of the church and so their lands and persons are held protected
•Any pillage of lands of the crusaders will be compensated by 1000 kds per pillage
•Any fiefs taken from crusaders will be returned with any compensation for damage
•Anathema upon he who attacks a crusader’s lands until he pays compensation
•Crusaders may eat meat during lent and on Fridays, without a stain upon them
•Attacks upon the army of a crusader, assembled for crusade, will result in excommunication

So we advise all Christians, our cause here is connected with the bloody struggles and with the wonderful cultural and missionary labors by means of which the territories on the Baltic between the Elbe and Memel were wrested these past hundred years from the Slavs and won for Germany and the Catholic Church. In this era the region on the Vistula and the Pregel Rivers, which originally was the only part of the territory bearing the name of Prussia, was conquered by the Teutonic Knights in 1230 and converted to Christianity. In 1309 the Grand Master of the order transferred his residence to the Marienburg from Venice. Now that the headquarters of the order is based in the lands of the Pruss, so can our crusade find victory. In the battle of Rudau in 1307 the Lithuanians were driven back, and now the opportunity presents itself to separate the Pruss from the Lithuanian pagans, who are being Christianized by the Archbishop of Riga.



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