Saturday, August 07, 2004

HYW(Duncan2): France's Confirmation on the Truce

Edict issued by King Philippe VI of France regarding Truce of Esplechin.

Esteemed Archbishop Guillaume de Brosse,

The Royal Seal of Valois shall be affixed to this truce. Hereby let it be known that upon the coming of Spring of 1342 weaponry of war shall only be taken up against the Prussians in most holy crusade. We shall see the heathen hordes either converted to the teachings of our Lord Savior or put to the sword.

Any raising of sword or polearm except in self defense, pillage or raid, and/or siege of any manner upon any Christian lord's manors or person shall be condemened by the Throne of Light. For two seasons before the Crusade and two seasons past will this edict be observed.

Philippe VI
Roi de France


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