Saturday, August 07, 2004

HYW(Duncan2): France's Response

This is Boutellier of France Alain de St-Vollier's immediate public response to my "Edward III Plantagenet's Claim to The Throne of France."

To the Bishop of Rome and Holy Emminences;
Princes and Lords of Christian Realms:

While the statements of the Chief Justice of England, which has no authority in France, nor any bearing or voice in the gouvernment or parliament of France, do not require response by the Court of France; His Royal Majesty Roi Philippe VI of France and His Court would not have wrongs thought as right, nor do they wish to leave what should be most clear and justly seen, as unclear or clouded.

Thus, do we hereby delineate the decent of the Crown of Light to our Most High and Royal Majesty, Roi Philippe VI of France.

As the legal, right and -- as some would call it -- customary rule of anointed monarchs in France is well known by all, this court shall only lay out the direct line of King’s which lead to the ascension of HRM Roi Philippe VI.

Philippe III, anointed Roi de France in the year of our Lord 1270, had two royal sons, Philippe, later Philippe IV Roi de France, and Charles, made Count of Valois and Anjou.

Philippe IV, anointed Roi de France in the year of our Lord 1285, had three royal sons, Louis, later Louis X Roi de France; Philippe, later Philippe V, Roi de France; and Charles, later Charles IV, Roi de France. Of these Rois, not one had any surviving royal sons.

Thus, the Crown of France did pass, in direct descent of the male line, as is the law and --as some would call it -- custom in France, to the eldest royal son of the next royal son of Philippe III, Roi de France;

That eldest son being Philippe, now Philippe VI, Roi de France.

In the history of the Royal Capetian Line of France, no woman has held claim to the Crown of France. In the history of the Royal Capetian Line of France, no son of a royal daughter of France has held claim to the Crown of France, over any son of a royal son of France. Further, the polity and church both confirm the bearer of the Crown of Light, through the parliament of France, and the anointing of the bearer of the Crown.

Thus the royal line established by Hugh Capet is continued unbroken in the male line since the year of our Lord 987.

As Issued by The Court of Nobles en France, and
Alain de St Vollier
Boutellier de France


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