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HYW(Duncan2): Illogic, Infallibility, and a Thing or Two

In a discussion regarding minor technical element of the game, Lady Annette de Dreux, mother to young Duke of Britanny Jean IV de Dreux, takes the liberty to show the Christendom her superior knowledge on the matter. Following her explanations and demonstrations of her knowledge, she ends her letter with this declaration: "Tis a shame that a Lady knows so much more about warfare and politics than a man from a massive history of great generals." Philippe I Duke of Burgundy, echoing the sentiment of French nobles towards the Dukedom of Brittany, sends her the following letter which then sparks a rather interesting theological discussion.

I. Duke of Burgundy to Annette de Dreux.

Dear Lady of Bretagne,

We are quite struck by thy perfection and apparent understanding of God's will. Why, one would think thou hads't in mind to challenge the infallability of the church next.

Thou does't chide from the ruined rump of a sidelined and fail'ed kingdom and crow at the slightest perceived error of those who practice the defense of their kings, or at least of their own actions, while thou does't chew on that well worn wormwood of those who cannot act and therefor prate at those that can.

We do despise those who know not chivalry whether 'tis in defeat or victory, but despiseth we still more those that hath not the intestinal stamina to
take a stand, lend a hand,
be a star, not a shame of thy land.

Where winds wear the ancestral walls
and foreign waves bring invading squalls
to the feet of your brothers,
You would stand aside and leave your friends for others?

We look to you for signs of at least even-handedness yet find we little. HOW, exactly arte those of poorer mind and flesh (than apparently arte thou madest of) to be able to understand that this one-sided prattle of thine indicates friendship, or at least the vaguest hint of neutrality, and thereby persuade our base animal spirits from ignoring the civilizing influence of our Roi?

Most Solicitously,

*~*~* Philippe I, Duc

II. Philippe Count of France-Comte to Duke of Burgundy.

Your Grace,

Your last message was true to its mark. It is hard to find any trace of neutrality in the missives sent out by the House of Bretagne.

Comte de Bourgogne

III. Annette de Dreux to Burgundy, mistakenly addressed to Count of Foix (PC #58 in the game instead of Burgundy's #53).

de Foix,

I am quite caught off guard, for I know I have no perfection in telling of God's will. Nay, only the blessed Virgin has been allowed to be near and the bearer of such perfection. There can nay be an infallable church when it is based on God as the head. People of the church, including myself are very much infallable, for we are men (or women in my such case) of God, and the only perfect man to have lived on this Earth in flesh - like you and me, is Jesus.

I hope that thou doth not try to mock myself or others next by thinking that we would soon think we can be or are God.

As for my voice, for so "lending" to the English pen, it would do so to the French, should the English put as much mistaken beliefs in their messages. For I probably read ten to fifteen french missives to every one English. The English when they send their missives do not so contradict themselves, to where a point I get so disgusted I must have to try to clear things up for these men. I also remember a point when French nobles didst say that I shouldn't read my missives if I do nay like them, so I took another choice to reduce the redundant and rather annoying complaining (which we were hearing from all). I choose to now speak to correct those who art wrong and defend my words. For if siding or speaking for the right party was wrong, thou mights find thyself being quiet in your own beliefs.

As for Bretagne helping in the War, we have not seen fit that either side should have even entered into it to begin with, and saw paths of peace that some did nay wish. Alas, I am but the overseer of Bretagne, and I shall make no decisions for the Duc unless needed. For he shall choose his own ways, and I shall be but a teacher.

Bretagne has been a long friend of both the Roi of France and the King of England, and it is not my wish to change this in anyway. In history pasts, My late husband and the ancestors of Bretagne, have helped France and England in kind. France has tried many times to say that they helped Bretagne in the War against Navarre, and I will agree they did help to bring it to a quicker resolution, they did so for their own profit in lands (and were supposed to in titles), and not in the first thoughts to help Bretagne.

As for containing your most animalistic spirits, it has been proven that even the Roi can't contain them all; However he hath tried and made good pennance for those who couldn't contain them, You should look unto God to help thee contain those spirits. I end this, with saying that I am no better than other man (or woman).

Lady Annette de Dreux,
Mother of the Duc de Bretagne,
Jean IV de Dreux*^*

IV. Burgundy to Annette de Dreux. Accuracy, Blasphemy, and the Wage of the Wagging Tongue.

Ma Foi My Lady Bretagne!

We are quite astounded by thy last note.
Let us recap the points with which we differ:

We are not Lord de Foix, but a Duc of Burgundy, of the senior line Capet, heir to the ancient family seat of Bourgogne, descendant of Hugh the Great who did first capture and create the Duchy L'Isle de France. Ergo, we do not mind being associated with honorable worthies like the lords Carcassone de Foix, but you have discounted our title, heritage, and veneration, and completely misplaced our identity just with your opening address.

We believe you have intentionally or no, blasphemed in three cases, creating an unholy trilogy of blasphemy, as well as having contradicted yourself at least once in just your first paragraph. We apologize for repeating errors in grammar and spelling for the purposes of exact quotation. To wit: blasphemy #1 "Nay, only the blessed Virgin has been allowed to be near and the bearer of such perfection." We leave it to the church to determine exactly where such perfection in the knowledge of God's will lies, but certain are we that that august institution will not agree with your exhaustive and exclusive listing in this regard; blasphemy #2 "There can nay be an infallable church when it is based on God as the head." Indeed, the head of the church is His Holiness, the Pope (which anciently previous determination has long ago determined IS infallible!), to say the church cannot be without mistake when it is based on God as its leader is a double negative implying God will cause it to be fallible ergo misled, misleading, and mistaken. We doubt very much if this is the truth, and indeed perhaps if you are a member of the cabal Templar this makes sense, but no christian in faith would say this; blasphemy #3 "People of the church, including myself are very much infallable, for we are men (or women in my such case) of God, and the only perfect man to have lived on this Earth in flesh - like you and me, is Jesus." This sentence states that men and women of the church (like you) are infallible - which is to say they cannot be misled, misleading, or mistaken. This sentence then subsequently eliminates all men from this class of infallible beings except Jesus, as he is the only man to have lived on this Earth in the flesh like you and me... Beyond the fact that this curiously leaves open the field of perfect beings for other women, this eliminates the Pope from infallibility, as well as various other beings of the flesh whom, though they be of the class of men in various states of sanctification or no, might also qualify for this description. This last blasphemy is not only blasphemy but a curious hint of heretical sectarianism that leans in the direction of witchcraft and satanic worship, but also points at another sect that seeks to seperate Jesus from the Holy Trinity, since he IS in fact, God, and not merely perfect in the knowledge of his will.

Your contradiction appears in the form of you stating the first blasphemy that only the Blessed Virgin has been allowed to be near and the bearer of such perfection in the knowledge of the will of God, and then to say in blasphemy # 3 that people of the church (like you) are infallible.

Since you do go on in later paragraphs to disparage the french regarding contradictory commentary, one need, upon remarking upon the speck in another's eye, first remove the beam from thine own.

Lady Bretagne,
Thou arte either very ill and should consider retiring from public commentary, or thou arte possessed by demons, or perhaps, we are too kind and thou does't represent the member of an heretical sect or religion seeking to test and undermine the church in these tumultuous times. If it were not for the number and repetition of thy blasphemies, we would put it down to mistaken understanding of thy native tongue or the lifelong teachings of the church you publically claim to support. We remand you to the attention of the inquisition and your betters in thy poor country who surely must shudder at what you have potentially exposed them to.

With Shocked Compassion,

*~*~* Philippe I, DUC OF BURGUNDY

V. Annette de Dreux to Burgundy.

Duc de Burgundy,

Pardon my scribes error on his address, for some reason he was in belief (or has told me thus) the letter was being transcribed to Foix. He has been properly dealt with and shall not be writing any further misives for me.

I shall now refute thy own claim as to my "Blasphemes".

Point one; The blessed Virgin is the only one to have held such perfection, Jesus was perfect from birth, unlike myself (and yourself) who was born in Sin (According to the teachings of the church and Bible). I am also asking pardon for it seems the scribe hath added the Not, thus creating the double negative. I have learnt from this and shall be reading the messages created to try to assure they are without error. I have also never declared myself to be so “Holy” or spirit filled, and would kindly remind thee that it was you and other Frenchmen who hath proclaimed such of me.

Point two; Unless thee belief in the fact that the word of God (The bible) is not written under divine inspiration, thou may be best to reread the books of Colossians and Ephesians. If the Pope is infallible, why doth he, like us, also see confessors to confess of sins.

Point Three; I again ask for forgiveness in the part of my scribe, I must say that he will definitely no longer be writing any more missives, and shall spend time in the contemplation, be his reasons for joke or from stupidity. What I had said to him is that all men, (except Jesus) are liable and will Sin, myself and yourself included.

I also shall forgo your accusations of my beliefs, accusing me of belonging to a Satanic, or other sect that wishes to see the True Christ (and God) defiled, for the reason that my scribe did show possibilities to that. But I will tell thee that you can test my faith as thee want, and can do so with the Inquisition and the Pope if they so deem it necessary. I thank thee for bringing out the scribes misgivings to me, so that I may not have such a horrible thing spread around, as if I were to have said it. As for the Scribe, he has angered me in the fact that he hath defiled Jesus with his words. I will ask that the Local clergy study him for either foolishness or other supernatural inspiration, and thus let them decide his welfare.

Lady Annette de Dreux,
Mother of the Duc de Bretagne,
Jean IV de Dreux*^*

VI. Burgundy to Annette de Dreux.

Lady of Bretagne,

Egad! Stop saying such things in public!

Perhaps if thou werte to refrain from heretical statements regarding the Pope and the church, thou woulds't need less to refute thy heretical position. Should thee be concerned about what it is that thou states't in heretical fashion, one should therefor:
A) Seek an Inquisitor
B) Cease to publically pontificate upon that which thou knowest not.

*~*~* Philippe I, Duc

VII. Annette de Dreux to Burgundy.

Duc de Burgundy

Oh most wise and benevolent biblical scholar, I simply ask of thee - what is my heretical position? This way I may change it as it is deemed unfit.

I do not claim such Holiness to have "perfection" as the French so call my "knowledge of Gods will", I have simply stated the only Lady to be so close to the perfection of Gods will (without being God) is Mary, as she was the body that carried him inside of her womb; Thus, she had such perfection within her, by Gods Grace. I again claim not of any such divine inspiration or being, for I myself am far from it.

Now that thee hath judged me a second time, I am justly right in asking what the charges against me are. I hath forgiven the first judgement as I could see reason, but as for now, I still see no reason for another judgement by thee. Since you have deemed fit to be the judger of my knowledge; I come and ask thee, as my inquisitor, what statements are so heretical. This way all may learn by your immense knowledge upon the topic of heresy.

Lady Annette de Dreux,
Mother of the Duc de Bretagne,
Jean IV de Dreux*^*

VIII. Burgundy to Annette de Dreux.

Lady Bretagne,

We point to the commentary thou hads't most recently blasphemed in: in particular your point number 2, below. While this is not the only area wherein thou arte logically bereft, this is clearly not the doctrine of the church, nor is the attempt to state that we, and not thee (or as thou woulds't have it, thy scribe) made the statements in thy opening letter in which clearly was it stated what thy heretical beliefs were....

Since the sin of pride also appears very steadily within thy steady stream of vituperative rhetoric, one must wonder wherein lies such blind chauvinism (rendered e'en more ironic given thine gender).

Since we do not wish to be tainted either by the obvious sins thou seekes't to deflect, and those thou arte apparently not even aware thou practiceth, we shall afast ourselves from thee and thy infected charge, for surely it must be so. We warn our friend the Boutellier not to take charge of the son, who surely needs such rescue, until such time as it hath been cleared by the Holy See lest his house also fall under suspicion.

Fear not Lady, we have duly recorded all that has passed form thy lips in the presence of witnesses or that hath been scratched upon the vellum of heretical history from thy hand or those thou arte the shepherd for. When the inquisition handles thy soul, it shall be lovingly complete with the aid of the rather accurate archivists of Burgundy.

Lord Absolon II, for

*~*~* Philippe I, Duc

IX. Annette de Dreux to Burgundy. Unfortunately, the argument ceases with this silly letter.

or Lord Absolon II,

First and Foremost, I must now ask if it is Lord Absolon who now hath problems with my views, or is it Philippe I de Burgundy, with which I believe hath the problems with myself. Once I get this answer, I shall reply more as needed, for I see no need to respond if Philippe I de Burgundy no longer has issue with such,

Lady Annette de Dreux,
Mother to the Duc de Bretagne,
Jean IV de Dreux*^*


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