Saturday, August 07, 2004

HYW(Duncan2): Perfidy

A sermon by Pope Benedict XII near the time of the crusade.

Lo that we preach against perfidy, a grave an dangerous sin. When the moors held most of Spain, the comde de Osma was captured by the infidel, the comtesse did make her way to the commader of the Moors where she did plead for the return of her husband according to the rules of randsom. The commander of the Moors accepted the payment of the comtesse but by the time she returned home she found that her husband had been delivered to her in peices.

This is perfidy, being false to a trust, When one has put a trust in yourm word, you are obliged to be faithful to the spirit of that word and not to seek loopholes or evasions of the plain meaning of your words as the commander of the Moors had done.

Satan works through three means, the denial of Christ, the rejection of Christ, and the betrayal of Christ. So we proclaim that there is no difference between the Prussian Pagan, the Islamic infidel, or the perfidious oathbreaker. Here endeth our teaching.

Spoken by His Holiness at Avignon this day


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