Friday, August 06, 2004

HYW(Duncan2): Song of Thomas Brown

This writing on Jean de Dreux, Duke of Britanny, supposedly by the scribe for Jeanne II d'Evereaux, Queen of Navarre, is found circulating within the courts of Europe around Fall 1337 and it is believed to be the cause of conflict between Dukedom of Britanny and Kingdom of Navarre.

Lord de Dreux is quite a fool,
He is only as smart as an ass or a mule,
He is old, and ugly, and a fat as well,
All the way from Navarre, I can sense his smell!
He says he has the best fish, but I think not!
His fish are , and stink and rot!
He is a pig filled with greed,
And often has he committed a foul deed!
His people starve while he lives a rich life,
My friends, we must aide them to end their strife,
Unlike him, my people starving I cannot stand,
While I sit in the court and enjoy food and a band.
So listen my friends, please listen to me,
Hear me out, and hear my plea.
De Dreux is an evil, corrupt old ‘lord’,
I doubt he can even wield a sword.
Do not associate with him or you will suffer,
Than the smallest baby, he is no tougher!
I pity him and his serfs alike,
And will work to rid him of evil, and the like!

*-Thomas Brown, Scribe for the Reine de Navarre-*


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