Saturday, November 06, 2004

Four More Years...

I am still feeling demoralized, and have been especially misanthropic these past few days.

But if things didn't get any worse for me than what have already befallen, it's especially because of the solace in the forms of wisdom, encouragements, and few laughs I found in Daily Kos, Legal Fiction, Orcinus, and Matthew Yglesias, among others. For that, my sincere thanks.

I suppose it is time to move on; but not until after I announce my sentiment, uttered shortly after Ohio turned red and accompanied by a lot of swearing and cursing:

Oh well. If the American cattle want to have a taste of fascist theocracy led by bloodthirsty, immoral neanderthals, who am I to say no. I shall leave stupid people as worthless as I found them. Meanwhile I shall just do what I always do best: eat, sleep, read, watch TV, and play computer games. Fxs


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