Monday, November 22, 2004

How to Not Abuse the Bible to Justify Unethical Behaviors

Two excellent summaries of what those monocriterionistic blockheads should learn before trying to impose their view on others:

"Personally I hold the position that it's illegitimate (from an ethical, not a constitutional standpoint) to justify one's decisions about how society should be run based on assumptions one cannot defend reasonably. As I have yet to see any compelling defense made on evidence that for example 1) there is a god and 2) that god does not want me to be a homosexual, I find it unethical to try to legislate my choice to be or not be homosexual based on those propositions."
- Michael Benson, a reader of
The Volokh Conspiracy


"The complaint is about whether it is appropriate to consider political action based on exclusively religious reasons. If the objection to X is that it is condemned by God, that is not an appropriate argument for political action because it is not a reason at all for those outside the religion." -
Ciceronian Review

here for the full discussion, and I suspect the fun is still far from over now that Prof. Kerr (Law, George Washington) and Prof. Leiter (Law, UT Austin) have joined in with responses. Fxs


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