Friday, October 20, 2006

A Quick Note

When I started this blog two years ago, the University of Florida's humanities and social science library had been under reconstruction for almost a year, and its collection was scattered among several different storage warehouses. Although checking out books and periodicals was still possible, browsing, on the other hand, was out of the question. The university community had to be content with not having a main library on campus.

Happily, the work was completed this summer, and the library was back open in late August after being physically absent for three years. Now able to browse around once more, I have been trying to make sense of what I missed, and it seems that scholarly works on Spinoza have gained quite a momentum; even the extremely useful Spinoza: Critical Assessments published in 2001 could now use an update or two. This is of course good news, but catching up with all the readings will be quite an overwhelming task. If anything, I hope that I could post more stuff here now that there are much more things to talk about.

That is for now, although I am working on an article about a reductionist's version of moral supervenience; I seem to have issues with the claim that "as a matter of logical necessity," such version of supervenience, "need not be knowable a priori." Well I will post it as soon as it's done. Fxs


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